Coffee Tour to Kaffa 7 Days

7 days tour to Jimma, Weliso, Welkite, Mizan Teferi, Bebeka, Tepi and other coffee plantation areas.

Duration: 7days

Day 01: Drive to Jimma via Weliso& Welkite, about 350kms

Day 02: Drive to Bebeka via the highland town of Mizan Tefari, about 260kms

Day 03: Visit Bebeka Coffee plantation, the largest plantation in Ethiopia and drive to Tepi, about 80km. This drive will take you through panoramic landscape, tea and coffee plantations and extensive tropical forests.

Cultural Coffee Tour to Harar 4 Days

Duration: 4 days

4 days tour to Dire Dawa by flight and enjoy a coffee tour in Harar. Tour includes excursion to Babile and the valley of marvels.

Day 01: Early Morning, Fly to Dire Dawa

Fly to Dire Dawa and drive to Harar, the two cities are 54km apart. Exploration of the old Walled town of Harar includes; the Harari Museum, Abdullahi Ali private museum, Rimbaud House, the 16thcentury grand Mosque with its elegant twin towers and slender minaret.

Trekking in the Surma Territory

Duration: 9days

Day 01: Drive to Jimma via Welkite & Weliso, about 350kms

Day 02: Drive to the highland town of Mizan Tefari, about 220kms

This is a drive through the Kaffa region, generally regarded to be the region from where the Arabica strain of coffee originated, and it is also where this plant was first cultivated.

Day 03: Drive to Tum, about 120kms

Trekking in the Bale Mountains

Duration: 9days

Day 01: Drive southeast from Addis to Lake Side town of Awassa about 275kms,

Day 02: Take a morning lakeside walk to visit the Sidamo fisherman as they land their catches of Tilapia and catfish, and gut and fillet them by the lake. Then leave Awassa behind and drive along the rough road to the Bale Mountains National park, a journey that is both scenic and exciting.

Bale Mountain National Park is known for their wildlife. Over 60 mammals Species and 260 bird species have been recorded here.

Special Interest Tours

Ethiopia is one of the twelve bio-diversity centers in the world, and visitors with a special interest in nature, such as flowers and plants or butterflies, will find much to interest them. A butterfly tour would take in the Menagesha Forest near Addis Ababa, the Rift Valley Lakes, the Bale Mountains and the Awash Valley. (There are 8 families, 93 genera and 324 species to be found in Ethiopia.) A typical tour would take about 11 days in and out.

With flowers and plants we would take in the Bale Mountains, the Awash Valley and then cut across to ascend the escarpment of the Abyssinian Highlands. About 10 days should be allowed.

Geologists will find the awash area particularly interesting, while a trip to Mount Ertale (the only volcano in the world with a permanent lava lake) would be a “must” – it can be accessed by road, with the ascent being made on foot with camels carrying the supplies, or by a helicopter flight from Mekele. A comprehensive tour, also taking in the Simien Mountains, would take about two weeks.